Saturday, July 19, 2008

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How Funny We are !!!

রেখেছো বাঙালি করে মানুষ করোনি!!!


কবিগুরু Rabindranath Tagore wrote “রেখেছো বাঙালি করে মানুষ করোনি”। বঙ্গবন্ধু Sheikh Mujib wanted to deny this truth and demanded “বাঙালি আজ মানুষ হয়েছে......... কবিগুরু ভুল বলেছিলেন”. But interestingly, probably Bangabondhu made mistake and he also proved it by sacrificing his own life.

I don’t know on what ground Kabiguru utilized this rude but true terminology for Bengali nation. Although I believe the heritage of Bengali nation is a history of pride and inspiration, but unfortunately, till today we people, more specifically some (probably very few) Bangladeshi people are performing the role of so called বাঙালি but not like human being. Till we are irresponsible and are frequently doing something shamelesly. We are cunning enough to create problems for someone even at our own cost and just for nothing. যাকে কিনা বলে “নিজের নাক কেটে পরের যাত্রা ভঙ্গ করা”। How funny we are!!!

One senior Professor (I have forgotten his name) of Anthropology Department at Dhaka University in one of his famous paper “Evolution of Bengali Nation” wrote “বাঙালি জাতির উদভব অতি নিম্ন শ্রেণীগোষঠি থেকে যারা নিজেদের মধ্যে সরবদা কলোহ-বিবাদে লিপ্ত থাকত.............এরা অতিব পরশ্রিকাতর, চক্রান্তপ্রবণ, তোষামোদে এবং কানপাতলা স্বভাবের”। Much advancement have been taken place in all spheres of our society and culture like all other nations of the world over time, but some people exercise the primitive ideology and philosophy till now even they are so called educated and position-holder(?). Even after getting the chance of (ভাগ্যগুনে আরকি!) higher studies and experiencing the taste of civilized culture, they are still stupid in doing harms to others for no reasons. Even in this tiny place we may find such type of barefaced and knavish people around us who are expert enough to reshape anything as they like to prejudice someone against another. Sometimes he/she can read something which has never been happened. These tricky (অঘটন ঘটন পটুয়শি) people are just like our so called leaders; sometimes they present them as representatives and they rehearse/demonstrate very romantic drama (তিলকে তাল করে) to make them innocent (এ যেন “ফুলের মত পবিত্র” মাসুম বাচ্চা) and thus they are capable to divert the course of action in different ways. Probably they have some specific objectives behind the stage: to hide themselves carefully from the original ground and/or to produce themselves as well-wishers of someone to secure something else. Sometimes we fail to identify these people (মোসাহেব গোছের তোষামোদে মানুষ রুপি অমানুষ) and remain in dark. Interestingly, when the culprits (who are experts in making a cock and-bull story) are well identified, they want to get rid of their (his/her) shameless jobs by saying a very conventional word “SORRY”. Sometimes, in one step advance, some of them behave differently as they know nothings (of their performed fraud and deceitful jobs). What an interesting culture we possess! How funny we are!

Barrister Rafiqul Islam, a senior Lawyer of Bangladesh, once in a session on “Future of Bangladesh” told, “The chairs we have are right, but the persons occupying these chairs are often not placed rightly”. This is the reality for our nation. The people who represent the country often fail to behave rationally, because some of these people are not placed accordingly. These people even fail to identify themselves as they have no originalities in their behavior, words and deeds. They enjoy their idiocy. এ যেন “ডোবার বাঙ পুকুরে পোড়ে ঘাপুশ-গুপুশ হাসি”। This is the fact especially for few of us. These people hijack the rights of right people using back doors or by some other unfair means and afterwards when they are placed to somewhere, they often fail to behave logically as they have no basic ideology and sense of ethics to retain their responsibilities. They are derailed themselves and try to derail others. So what can we expect from such people? We are unfortunate, we have to work and deal with these stupid বাঙালি/বাংলাদেশি people. How funny creature of God WE are!!!