Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fly for Japan leaving my SOUL & ALL

March 02, 2007

No time in hand

February 21 - March 01, 2007


AKIKA and Named of my Son

February 21, 2007


Out of World, only with my Son

February 14-March 01, 2007


Becoming Papa

February 14, 2007

Received Congratulations and Good Wish For My Son

  • Saidur san,I was very glad to hearing a wonderful news. Congratulations.Also I would like to respect your big efforts to correct the data.Please enjoy the rest short time with your family in Dhaka.We all are looking forward to seeing you again.
==========Aki Fujiwara, Professor, IDEC, Hiroshima University

  • Oh, Congratulations! This is a really good news (^_^).
    Please say hello to your wife and your family.

==========Zhang Junyi, Assoc. Prof., IDEC, Hiroshima University

  • Saidur, Congratulations for being FATHER of SON. Bhabi Bhalo ache, Picchi Bhalo ache to?
    Ki nam rakhsen? Akika die aishen, bhalo hobe. Ashar somoy Bangladeshi MISTI nie Ashben. Bhul hoina jeno. Kobe ashtechen? Waiting to see a new father...
    ===========ASAD, BD JDS Fellow 06<skaullah@yahoo.com>
  • Mashallah. He looks so cute. May Allah grant him thebest life for here and here after. ============Shanto, BUET Classmate<shantoy2k@yahoo.com>
  • Dear Milon, Congratulations to both of you on becoming proud parents and best wishes to the baby. Take care. ==Monjur Murshed (Mr!dul), BUET <mridul91@yahoo.com>
  • Dear Mr. Saidur, Thank you very much for sharing your happy news. I pray for your son.
    ==================Sharif, BUET Classmate<mshariful@yahoo.com>
  • Dear Said bhai,Congratulaions!!!!Yesterday I received a message from Selim bhai thatyou've become a father.How are they now?I wish your all the best========~Nishith, Railway Colleague<ndasbuet@yahoo.com>
  • Dear Milan, Congratulation!!====Khaled Akhtar, BUET <khalediwm@yahoo.com>
  • Congratulations Milan========Fayzul Pasha, BUET <fkpasha@yahoo.com>
  • Congralutation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Salam to ur m....i....s....h...u=====Akmal, BUET<akmal91@yahoo.com>
  • Dear Saidur, Hishige~Mami has sent you a greeting from Banjig. Greetings which is the first and the biggest FREE Greetings site of Mongolia. To view this greeting card, click on the following Web address at anytime within the next 30 days.
    http://greetings.banjig.net/card_view.php?your_card_id=5d0da70b48a9e917c8f5c9418fc2eea6 If that doesn\'t work, go to http://greetings.banjig.net/ and copy and paste this code:
    JDS Fellow, IDEC, HU, Mongolia <khishigsukhb@yahoo.com>
  • Hi Milon,Congratulation!!! I wish all the best for your son. Have a long, healthyand successful life.Take care======Imtiaz, BUET<imtiaz91mun@yahoo.com>
  • Hi milon, congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanx to my vabi for giving birth a so big and healthy sweet baby. thanx to neonatal for arriving here without any hazard. lastly all thanx to almighty for everything.
    ===========Mozahar, FTC 33<mozahar33@yahoo.com>
  • Hello milan, congratulations. tor pichchi kemon ache. picture upload koris yahoo te. ami maje maje tor yahoo album colection dekhi. Japan e kobe firbi? bye ====DEWAN MASUD KARIM,EIT, TOPS, BUET<totul91@yahoo.com>
  • Saidur, May Allah bless your baby.All the best=========Mostafiz, Bangabhaban, FTC 33<mostafizur_rahman@hotmail.com>
  • Assalamualikum Milon. It is very good news to us. But is this the first one? If it is the first kid, then you U made delay!! By the way, hows life in Japan? =======Selim, BUET<sikder@kfupm.edu.sa>, <selimuzzaman@yahoo.com>
  • Hai Sanam-er baba, Congratulations. I am lucky enough to share with you in the happiest moment of your life. I would like to congratulate the mother of the baby to have a handsome boy . After watching portrait of your baby , I feel that I am looking the star which is twinkling in the sky very brightly .I pray for your baby to become a perfect man so that he will be able to make both of you as a happiest parent in the world.Best of luck
    ===========Rahima, Research institute for electronic science, Hokkaido University, Japan, FTC 33<rahima_physics@yahoo.com>
  • Congratulations Milon. Tui BAP chinta kortei koshtohoche :-). Tor pola romantic hobe.Sorry tor call back kora hoyni. Notun biya korchi toshomoy paina :-). Dekhi call dibo==========Ahsan Arif, BUET <auarif@yahoo.com>
  • Dear Saidur Bhai, Its great pleasure to hear from you that you became a papa.I wish happy and healthy life all of you. Best regards=========Nazrul/Planning Commission, FTC33<nazrulpb@yahoo.com>
  • dear saidur, it's really nice to hear that you have been blessed with a son and have become father. you must enjoy being parents and spending time with your family. this is the most wonderful time you would find in your life ever. i wish your son a very very happy and healthy life. congratulations !! ========================sharmina, niigata, BD JDS Fellow<sharminanasrin@yahoo.com>
  • Congratulations ! Dear Saidur Vai, Assalamu Alaikum. May Allah make your child good here and hereafter. ei february mashe apni Bangla "Baba"-r bodole Engreji "Papa" babohar korlen ! she jai hok, seler naam ki rekhesen jaanaben. All the best wishes for you and your son.============Wali, BD JDS Fellow<walimiah@yahoo.com>
  • Congratulation! Best wish to your son and your wife==========Son Nguyen Giang, Vietnam JDS Fellow<nguyengiangson@yahoo.com>
  • Saidur bhai, Congratulations to you & bhabee!!! Your son is so handsome by the grace of Allah! May Allah give him all blessings and also happiness for you! Thank you for sharing your joy with us. With regards =============Joynal, Faculty of Dentistry, H.U, Hiroshima City<j_abdin02@yahoo.com>
  • Saidur san, Congratulations to you and your wife:)Take good care of the new family:)Wishing your wife and child good health=======Carmina, Phillipine JDS Fellow<mina_dcruz@yahoo.com>
  • Dear Saidur san, Assalam............Congratulation to be the proud father. I can imagine the reflection of never ending happiness in your face. May the almighty Allah bless both mother and son with good health. And also pray, your son will be granted by the almighty to pass his whole life under shadow of Islam. Regards.........======Dr Harun, BD JDS Fellow<mh_rashid67@yahoo.com>
  • Dear Saidur Bhai, A very big Congratulations !!!!!!======Khan Md. Manirul, BD JDS Fellow<gulzermanir@yahoo.com>
  • Hello Saidur! My congratulations upon the birth of the son. Let God grant him the great health and bless him. All the best=======================Jhenya, Uzbekistan JDS Fellow<jhen_ya@yahoo.com>
  • Saidur Bhai, Congratulations. Nam ki rekhechen? Kobe bari gelen? =====afzal, BD JDS Fellow<khaled_afzal@yahoo.com>
  • Saidur, Congratulations!!!! Enjoy your time and new status "Papa". Wish u very best time============Shabbir, BD JDS Fellow <shabtax@yahoo.com>
  • Dear Saidur San, Congratulations !! Best wishes for your little prince and u two ============Zia, BD JDS Fellow<ziaul_husain@yahoo.com>
  • Congratulation! You are very lucky man, Saidur. Becoming a parent is always good sense for whoever. I wish all of you have best luck and happyness =========Minh Nguyet, Vietnam JDS Fellow<tnn1981974@yahoo.com>
  • Hi Saidur, Congratulation ! What a happy papa ! Wish your son all the best =================Nguyen Thuy Hanh, KOBE University, Vietnam JDS Fellow <thuyhanh0111@yahoo.com>
  • Dear Brother Saidur And Vabi, Congratulations! May Allah bless him with all the good things!========= Monir and Khadija, Hiroshimabassi<moniruc@yahoo.com>
  • Dear Saidur bhai, Big big big congrats. We pray for the health of the son and the mother===========Zhalak & Masud, Hiroshimabassi<zhalak_19@hotmail.com>
  • Dear Saidur bhai, Congratulations. I am also happy to hear the news. I wish the well-being of your son and wife. Thank you================Mizan, Yamaguchi, BD JDS Fellow<mizanur03@yahoo.co.in>
  • Saidur bhai, that's a great news.congratulations==============Monir, IUJ, BD JDS Fellow<skmonir@yahoo.com>
  • Saidur bhai, .........i think it is a great feeling to become a father..........again congrats to you, Bhabi and all family members. with regards==========Shahriar, BD JDS Fellow<shahriar182@yahoo.com>
  • Dear Saidur bhai,assalamu alaikum. Congratulations on being father. Its a great feeling. I sincerely pray for your baby and his mother. best wishes====Hammadur Rahman, Hiroshimabassi<hammadbau@yahoo.com>
  • Congratulations Saidur and your beatiful wifeI wish you and your family, new baby good life andhealth. God bless your son. Sincerely =============Oyunaa, Mongolian JDS Fellow<oyunaap@yahoo.com>
  • Congratulations! Congratulations!Omadato gozaimasu! Saidur san and VhabiThe baby just landed in the toughy earth. I wish hisglorious adventure. I salute the future soldier=========Saiful, yamaguchi, BD JDS Fellow<saifulisus@yahoo.com>
  • Dear Saidur Bhai,Congratulation!Wish your son and his mother good health. Regards=========Mohsin, Hiroshimabassi<mohsin_uddin@yahoo.com>
  • Hello, CONGRATULATIONS..........Its nice to hear that both mon and son are doing fine. Have a nice and happy time............................See you........................Convey our best regards to bhabi also. We hope we will meet all in saijo higashihiroshima in future. With warm congratulations again======Alam and Mousumee, Saijo, Higashihiroshima, Japan<msalam_fc@yahoo.com>
  • Milan bhai, i m very glad to hear the good news. sorry i am little bit late share the good news . However i hope the baby and bhabi will fine and Almighty Allah will take care of them. R u still in dhaka? If yes u are welcome to the campus. Best regurd========Tanvir, DU MBA Fellow<tanvir9@gmail.com>
  • Hi Milan, Congratulation to you & Bhabi from the bottom of my heart. Wishing all the best for your baby boy. He looks so cute Mashaallah. May be a lady killer in near future. Take Care======Kallol, BUET<kallol91@yahoo.com>
  • Now,you must have had a baby,Congratulation. Boy or girl? ======Wang zhuo, HiTEL<wang-zhuo@hiroshima-u.ac.jp>
  • Milon: Congratulations to you and bhabi !!!! Wonderful news. May Allah bless him with all happiness and successes========Sujon/EEE, BUET<kalameah@yahoo.com>
  • Hi MilanCongratulations to you and Bhavi! May Allah blessSanam with healthy and bright future. Its been longtime, we are not in contact. How are you and how iseverything? By the way probably you have forgot me,its Sadek. 308/ Sher-E-Bangla hall. Best regards=======Sadek, BUET<sadek91@yahoo.com>
  • Saidur Rahman, Thans for sending photograph of your cute baby. May ALLAH bless him with a secured and happy world. Convey our regards and many congratulations to vabi. Be allways in touch with BANGLADESH and off course with us. Take care =======A. Matin Chowdhury & Vabi, Bangladesh Railway<engr.matin@yahoo.com>
  • Congratulations!!!!!============Jhantuda, Sima & Dhriti, Saitama, Japan, Bangladesh Railway<jksaha_2001@yahoo.com>
  • Saidur, I got your information. Wish him a very happy and healthy life. I am sorry to inform you lately. Actually it happend in a very short notice. I got married. Make doa for us. ===========Manir, BD JDS Fellow<tulubttb@yahoo.co.uk>


Wait and Wait .........for.......

February 03 - 13, 2007

Landed at my Motherland

February 03, 2007

One Night at Bangkok

February 02, 2007

Reached at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport at Morning by TG 0322. Stayed at Rangnam Apartment, 521/3-4 Soi Sriayuthaia 2, Ratchathwi, BKK-10400.

Fly for Bangladesh

February 01, 2007

Left my Apato for Hiroshima via Saijo Station on February 01, 2007 at about 15:50.
Left Hiroshima for Kansai Airport by Shinkanshen, changed at Shin-Osaka and took Haruka.
Fly for Bangkok by Thai Airways (TG 0322) at 01:20 on Feb 02, 2007.

Semester Ending Pressure

January 2007

We reached at the end of the 1st Semester at IDEC, Hiroshima University, Japan. Passing very busy time for several Presentations and Report Writing. Some of my presentations and reports are as follows:

  • Development Finance: "The International Financial System'
  • Development Finance: 'Grameen Bank and Dr. Yunus"
  • Ecological Management: "Sundarban: A Large Biodiversity-rich World's Largest Mangrove Ecosystem"
  • Regional and Urban Engineering: :The Ideal City"
I was also busy in taking preparation to fly for Dhaka at the 1st of February. No time for taking rest. But no tiredness. Eagerly waiting to see my family and coming new member in my family, the dearest ONE.