Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Article on Global Warming and Bangladesh

June 22, 2007

To-day The Daily Star published my article on Global Warming and Bangladesh in its Environmental section. Please try the following links to see the article:
The global warming and consequent threat of sea level rise may bring disaster to the inhabitants of Bangladesh. The long-term threat from climate change and sea-level rise may make many parts of the country uninhabitable. The increasing intensity of tropical weather, the increase in ocean temperatures, and rising sea level -- all documented results of a warming atmosphere -- are making trouble for the region. Recent country-wide heavy rainfall and huge death tolls due to land sliding in Chittagong are prior signal of alarming catastrophe. Tropical storms have also long frightened the islanders. Bangladesh fears it will be crushed by storms, rising ocean levels and there will be disruptions to marine life caused by global climate change. >>>Details


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