Friday, May 25, 2007

A Nice Dinner with a Japanese Family

May 25, 2007

To-night we had a nice dinner with a Japanese aged couple. Frankely speaking, Metin san invited me on behalf of the family and he requested me to join with him with a Chinese friend. I asked Wang san to join with us and he accepted my request. We started our dinner at 6:00 pm and ended it at 9:30 pm. A great dinner. More interestingly, the life history of the couple. They are now +/- 65. They married last year. They were school friends and they separated when the man was only 18. Later he became a Civil Engineer and many springs of his life spent at Middle East with a Japanese Harbour Construction Company. He came back Japan on 1989 and held many high positions of his company in different regions of Japan. Later he was divorced. After retirement, last year accidently he again came to contact his school friend. By this time, she became widow. They came close to each other and finally got married. The man is now a old student at Hiroshima University in his retired life with his newly married once lost beloved girl friend. The man would like to spend his time in study at the university. He hopes to take one course after finishing one as his pastime. They have also a plan to pass the rest life by travelling all over the world. They had a separate life and family with a son each. EXCELLENT!!!


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